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Marayoor Sarkara or Marayoor Jaggery Online from

Marayoor Sarkara (Marayoor Jaggery) is one of the sweetest jaggereis in the world, Marayoor, and the nearby Kanthalloor is famous for the special variety of solid molasses ‘Marayoor Sarkara’ produced here.

Marayoor Sarkara is one of the sweetest jaggeries produced in the area using traditional technologies. The main specialty of Marayoor Sarkkara is, high sweetness without salty taste, high content of iron, less sodium content, less insoluble impurities, organic method of production, and dark brown color is the unique characters of this traditional Sarkara.

Marayoor Sarkara Making Process

Marayoor Sarkkara or Marayoor Jaggery Online from

The juicy sugar canes are churned well to extract the juice. The juice is then pumped to a large plate-shaped container. The juice is not mixed with any chemicals, colors, sweeteners, etc, and hence is safe and naturally good to eat.

The boiled juice is mixed with a long wooden spoon throughout the process. Once the constitution reaches a creamy state it is poured out to a wooden base where it is left to settle and solidify. The semi-solid jaggery is then hand-rolled into balls of the world’s sweetest jaggery.

Another specialty of this Sarkara is that it is made in the farm itself in a traditional manner. means Sarkara production is a cottage industry here. First, the sugar cane juice is boiled in a special type of huge vessel and then condenses to jaggery balls. You can make various types of delicious dishes using this jaggery. One of the best dishes using this ‘Sarkara’ is ‘Marayoor Sarkara Payasam’ some of the famous temples are using this jaggery

The sweet and natural water and a great cool tropical climate make sugar cane much tastier than those grown in other regions of India. Adding Marayoor Jaggery to sweet dishes will be many times better in taste.


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