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  • Front surface reflection metal-alloy mirror and thus eliminates secondary reflections and aberrations typical of back surface mirrors

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What comes to your mind when you think of a mirror? Definitely a piece of silvered glass. But have you seen a mirror made completely out of metal? Well!

‘Aranmula Kannadi’ is a unique mirror made by cooling a mixture of molten tin & copper.

This rare metal mirror, the only one of its kind in the world, holds a pride of place among Kerala`s contribution to the world of art. For centuries, it has attracted scores of admirers with its awe-inspiring blend of beauty and craftsmanship. However, this enchanting piece of work remains more of an enigma to the outside world. This is so because only a few Vishwakarma families in Aranmula really know the art of making then and have kept it a closely guarded secret. The aesthetic sense with which the Kannadi has been created speaks eloquently of creative genius.

Making of Aranmula Kannadi

Aranmula KannadiMaking the process of Aranmula Kannadi contains a lot of effort, expertise, and patience. A huge amount of determination, perseverance, and patience goes into the making of this enchanting mirror. Mud from the paddy fields in Aranmula Village is used for the mold into which the molten alloy mix is poured to cast the mirror and the technique followed is the lost wax method of casting. The making of this mirror needs intuition, expertise, precision, a lot of dedication and to be done in a sacred atmosphere.

Importance of Aranmula Kannadi

There is a great difference between an ordinary mirror and the metallic mirror. In an ordinary mirror, there is a mercury coating that reflects the light and thus presents the image of the object.There is no mercury coating on the Aranmula Metal Mirror. When you touch a piece of paper on the surface of an ordinary mirror, there appears a gap between the object and image, whereas, in the Aranmula Metal Mirror, there is a point of touching of object & image and exists no gap between the images.

Aranmula Kannadi received a geographical indication tag in 2004-2005. Aranmula Kannadi is reflected with complete clarity without any refraction, in as much as the image falls just on top of the surface of the metal mirror, unlike the glass mirror where the image falls on the mercury coated surface inside the glass.

The making of this mirror needs intuition, expertise, precision, a lot of dedication and to be done in a sacred atmosphere. It is believed that if a person brings this mirror home, Goddess Parvathy blesses him and will be liberated from all evil forces.


This can be cleaned off only if you rub with cotton/velvet cloth smoothly on the surface of the mirror within five minutes in the vertical direction and if is not properly cleaned, then sprinkle a bit of the given polishing powder on the mirror and hold it in a slanting position allowing the dust and other particles rubbed off from the reflective surface. Even then it does not disappear, pour two drops of pure coconut oil on the surface of the mirror, and keep it for 5-10 minutes and then rub it with cotton/velvet cloth in the vertical direction. Then sprinkle the powder and rub smoothly on the surface vertically

This is a 100% manually crafted product. No machines are using for its making. So, the actual design and/or texture might slightly vary when compared to the images displayed here.


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