• Best Small Bee Honey-Stingless Bee Honey-Cheruthen

    Best Small Bee Honey-Stingless Bee Honey


    Consuming small bee honey has a number of health benefits including the enhanced immune system, anti-aging, fighting bacteria, cough, and cold. Collected by small bees that can suck nectar from the deepest space, the small bee honey contains several vitamins and minerals.

  • Amla Honey-Yellowcassia.com

    Buy Best Amla Honey – 480 gm


    Pure Amla Honey buy from yellowcassia.com Amla and honey both are extremely beneficial for our overall health. Amla and honey both are rich with many beneficial properties. Amla Honey is an excellent source of vitamin C. It gives a natural cooling effect in our body and is also good for our hair. Amla is considered…

  • Original Bee Pollen -YELLOWCASSIA.COM

    Buy Best Bee Pollen 250 gm From Yellowcassia


    These golden granules are collected by one of the greatest creatures and master pollinators of the earth, the honeybee!

  • Best Brahmi Honey 250 Gm

    Buy Best Brahmi Honey 250 Gm


    Yellow Cassia Brahmi Honey, buy online from yellowcassia.com Brahmi plant is an ayurvedic medicinal creeping herb very commonly found in Kerala. It is commonly known as ‘herb of grace’.It is good for a healthy brain, strong liver, and also has antioxidant properties. Brahmi honey is prepared by infusing washed and sun-dried Brahmi plant leaf (Bacopa…

  • New Pomegranate Honey

    New Pomegranate Honey 480gm


    Pomegranate is high in phosphorous, magnesium, calcium, zinc-iron, and vitamin C,k, and B5. It has a high level of iron and raises hemoglobin. By having this pomegranate honey we can get the goodness of both honey and pomegranate.